Seamless SMSF is an AUDIT business. When Accounting firms engage with us, they are engaging us for Audits.  The UNIQUENESS about Seamless is how we make back office labour support via contractors available to Accounting firms through our Purpose-Built Workflow Platform.  This system allows you to select other services where you need labour support to complete your functions as an Accounting Firm or Tax Agent.  You communicate all instructions, review all queries and advise of your final review through the portal.  You maintain complete control of the outputs you require at all times.  Why waste precious time and money setting up your own back office when you can tap in to a solution that you control with complete visibility of workflow!

We recognise the needs of Accountants and how they can vary from firm to firm.  Simply put, we have a focus of supporting the Accounting Industry by making labour available to them with the view to creating capacity within their local teams to consult and add value to their clients.  Our Workflow Portal allows for this to happen.

We provide a cost-effective resource to complete all your SMSF compliance needs.  The process to transition to our solution is simple and stress free.


Includes:SMSF AuditSMSF AnnualSMSF DailySMSF “The Lot”
Independent Audit 
Year End Accounts
Mailing House
Daily Support
ASIC Registered Agent

SMSF Audit Only Service:

All SMSFs require an annual independent audit.  We complete in excess of 27,183 audits for Accountants and Advisors all over the country.  Simply upload your work-papers on to our secure job tracking portal, and we’ll have the audit completed within 5 business days – GUARANTEED!  Plus – we complete a memo on every fund to identify opportunities for the SMSF trustees, which converts to consulting revenue for the Advisor.

SMSF Annual - Back Office Support & Audit:

This is a popular solution, in particular for Accounting Practices whose SMSF Divisions are growing, or have a focus on moving staff away from manual processing to a higher level directional role to Financial Statement preparation.  The end product with this service is a comprehensive set of electronic work-papers, fully referenced to source documents and draft tax returns EXACTLY as you instruct.  The accounts are prepared in the Accountant/Advisors own software, which can include Class Super, SuperMate, BGL 360, and BGL Simple Fund.

If you’re looking to convert your existing software onto a new platform, the option exists for you to engage the Back-Office Resources to do all the heavy lifting at your direction.  Simply nominate the software platform you’d like to transition to, and the process begins!


For Accountants and Advisors who need ongoing reconciliation of transactions so as to monitor the progress of investment portfolios, pension payment, contribution limits and have committed to regular ongoing meetings with clients, this option provides the perfect solution.  You are in control of how data is processed at all times ensuring the Interim Financial Statements that you prepare for your clients are accurate and as you require them.

SMSF “The Lot” – Your Ultimate Solution:

This service offers a complete end to end compliance solution, from mailing house collection of data and use of back-office resources to take your instructions to assist you prepare the Interim and Year End Financial Statements, right through to audit of the SMSF.


Corporate Secretarial Services – we act as ASIC agent which means no more late lodgements
SMSF Set Up – use our portal to facilitate the setup of new entities including SMSF Replacement Deeds and other entity structures
LRBA Set Ups – includes Corporate Trustee and Holding Trust
Help Desk Support – call us with tricky questions associated with any fund you have
Online Marketing Tutorials – hundreds of marketing videos to help you expand your presence
Seminar Support – A seminar presentation solution that will educate and inspire your future and existing SMSF trustees