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Keys to Future Business Success

Business in Bali – Key Highlights!

From the 12th to 16th July 2015 SuperAA attended the Panalitix Annual Conference.

After listening to the Key Speakers…..the take-away’s really endorse our business philosophy which represent the key elements that drive our own business success.

Take-away’s –

  1. Culture is everything! Without culture it makes it very hard to adopt change. Change is key to future business success, and only the right culture will embrace, commit and deliver what’s required to remain relevant in your industry!
  2. Who is the MOST IMPORTANT person in your organisation?
    • CEO = NO
    • GM = No
    • OWNERS = NO
    • Sales Manager = YES. This person trains your sales team, measures results, maintains accountability, and is the very core of any business growth! 
    • You’re either Green and Growing, OR Ripe and Rotting
  3. You cannot be a sales manager and run the business! You need the right person to take the sales manager role. This will be their only task, and they DO NOT SELL. 
    • It’s NOT a sales person who is promoted to Sales Manager! Sales people sell, sales managers train and manage sales people.  Two very different skill sets!
  4. Capacity is KING! Start systemising and outsourcing the simple functions of your business.
    1. Lease offshore seat VERSUS Job-by-job offshoring.
    2. Job by job is the key:
      • Instant capacity
      • No HR issues
  • No need to train staff
  1. Load jobs and they all get worked on…not one job at a time!
  2. Are you in the business of building an offshore team to support COMPLIANCE Growth? Not Likely!!  Don’t waste time training staff.  Use the INSTANT capacity to:
    • Build consulting templates
    • Train staff on technical SMSF strategies
    • Sales training for staff on HOW to demonstrate value to clients
    • Sales training on how to Price the value
    • Key Staff to VISIT existing clients – get to know them, see them more regularly, care and ask questions. The consulting work will come!

Well, it’s pretty clear what proactive firms need to do.  Are you doing it, or do you need some support to get started?

We have all the templates, offshoring team and marketing support to get you started TODAY.  Our intake is limited every year so as not to compromise service delivery.  Get on the front foot and start the conversation.

All the Best In Business

The SuperAA Team