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  • Guide to Determine who is a Related Party

    It is important to understand who a related party is of a Self-managed Super Fund (SMSF’s) as there are several guidelines around the acquisition of certain assets and the size of related party investments an SMSF can make (specifically In-House […]

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  • One-Off Re-Contribution Strategy before age 60

    What is a Re-Contribution Strategy? If you have clients under 60, a quick review of their members balance could reveal a strategy that should be jumped on. Under the re-contribution strategy, your client will need to be considered retired from the […]

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    Trustees Moving Overseas… SMSF Residency

    SMSF Residency If one of your SMSF clients were to call you today and let you know they are planning to move overseas on a permanent or temporary basis, would you be able to provide your client with the appropriate […]

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  • Ins & Outs of a Reversionary Pension

    What is a Reversionary Pension? A reversionary pensions refers to a type of pension that is designed to revert to a dependant beneficiary after the death of the member who is in receipt of an account based pension or transition […]

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  • Offshoring compliance – be prepared, or prepare for failure!

    From the 27th – 29th of July, we attended and spoke at the Smithink Offshoring Conference.  Many accountants travelled from across the country to attend this event, with an aim to grasp a better understanding on outsourcing and how it can […]

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  • SMSF Association Technical Conference

    On Thursay the 30th of July, Mike and Frank attended the SMSF Association State Technical Conference where they had the pleasure of meeting the CEO of the SMSF Association (formally known as SPAA), Andrea Slattery. Since establishing the SMSF Association in 2003, […]

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  • Keys to Future Business Success

    Business in Bali – Key Highlights! From the 12th to 16th July 2015 SuperAA attended the Panalitix Annual Conference. After listening to the Key Speakers…..the take-away’s really endorse our business philosophy which represent the key elements that drive our own […]

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  • Borrowing to pay SMSF Pension Payments

    Q: I run a single member SMSF. I am 70, retired and my entire members balance is an Account Based Pension. 99% of my assets are in a Term Deposit and the small amount left over is in a bank […]

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  • Superannuation Tax Reform?

    Darren Snyder from the Financial Standard has written an interesting article about Financial services representative groups weighing in to a debate about the federal government’s uncertain position regarding superannuation tax reform. Here is the link, it’s worth a read: http://www.financialstandard.com.au/news/view/50563704 […]

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  • Inspire your SMSF team with Jacqui Cooper

    The GREATEST Aerial Skier OF ALL TIME! Never before have I seen so many people absolutely speechless, shaking their heads, at the conclusion of a guest speakers presentation at any conference. Jacqui Cooper (shown above – centre) – to be […]

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